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It's been raining for a while, off and on. Some people are beginning to get tired of it.

Thing is, we've still gotten barely over half of our winter rainfall (measured July to June). The snowpack is over average, but it's under 100%, and ending the drought will take 150%. In four years or so we've forgotten what winter used to be like in California, and also completely underestimated the sheer amount of damage that we've suffered to our water system.

It's not a vanishing problem. Thing is, people are living in the wrong place, farming in the wrong place, and trying to squeeze water out of the wrong place. It's probably necessary - after all, there's no such thing as a perfect spot where nobody has to worry, but the situation isn't getting much better.

I hold out hope for the rest of the rainy season, but we need all we can get. Maybe this year will be good enough to put us back on the road to recovery.

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Date: 2016-01-23 02:47 am (UTC)
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It's a great shame that the abundant precipitation on the other cost can not be directed your way. Still, something is better than nothing, and as you say, the season is not over yet. We've had a completely unseasonable winter where I am. It is going down as "The Winter That Wasn't" -- abnormal warmth and levels of snow. Personally I'm enjoying it because the roads have been wonderful and I haven't had to shovel (and neither has the wind torn my face off). Ecologically, however, it is not good.


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