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The rain continues. There was a point where this itself was not particularly noticeable in the Bay Area, but after three years of drought, people notice. For one thing, they notice that they've forgotten how to drive in the rain.

Just as unsurprising, despite the fact that we've had probably half of our yearly average rainfall this early in the season, we still need a lot more to actually recover from three years of "hardly any". The best this is going to do is to stave off disaster for another year or two - which, hey, another year, but it's not like it got any easier to live in California. Worryingly, the snowpack is barely at half its usual depth.

People live here because it doesn't rain. Now it's gotten worse. We'll have to see what happens next.
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One wonders whether the announcement of Star Wars 7 in the middle of a disaster that's knocked a good portion of the United States flat is good timing on behalf of the marketing crowd, or an unholy coincidence.

Hope all of you easterners are staying safe today, and that you manage to stay that way.


Jul. 18th, 2011 08:21 am
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Fun fact for those of us living in "America's Heartland" (aka, "Flyover Country"): according to a study done by the city of Davis, moderately shading a parking lot can reduce ambient air temperatures by as much as 1 degree Celsius (and shading a car can reduce cabin temperatures by 15 degrees Celsius).

So think of that while you're out there in the heat today, and you're wondering why the vast desert of American suburbia is so damn hot. Heat indicies in the mid 100s to 110s in my region, going up later in the week. Try to stay cool, because it's too late to plant trees.

(Of course you can remember this during storm season too, when you're looking up uneasily in high winds asking yourself "Why do I have all these trees around my house/apartment/car/workplace/secret lair?")
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Not so pleasant here today:
The National Weather Service has issued a Holy Fuck We're Serious weather warning for the Chicagoland area due to Armageddon until November, 2011. Weather is expected to directly oscillate between extremely hot weather and severe thunderstorms. During hot spells temperatures are expected to rise to the mid- to upper- nineties with extremely high humidities and heat indicies well into the 100-110 degree range and is expected to cause a wide range of health complications to people fourteen years of age and below, and those fifteen years of age and above. This will seamlessly transition into severe thunderstorms, accompanied by torrential downpours, leading to downed power lines, traffic accidents, flooding and standing water in every surface depression. During rainstorms we expect visibility to drop below one foot, and any area remotely near a flowing body of water to be swept away.

Chicago residents are advised to stay indoors and not go outside until probably November, 2011 (October if you have to, but that's pushing it). If you must go outside, travel only in insulated, air conditioned, amphibious vehicles, and always have both a life vest and nearby shelter in case of emergency.

Day four of "Severe Weather Warning: Please Stay Indoors" continues, the first three for heat, this one for massive thunderstorms.
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From this morning's weather report:

Today's high: 8°
Today's low: 5°
Current temperature: -7°

Somebody failed math forever right there.


Dec. 7th, 2009 09:20 am
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BULLETIN: Cold white stuff is cold.

ALSO: Difficult to drive on.

P.S.: Would not be so difficult to drive on if I didn't have trouble doing the 0 to 60 in three seconds ninety degree turn out of my apartment complex when it's dry.

P.P.S.: Also, I appear to have lost my non-hideous gloves.

All in all, does not bode well for winter.


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