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I went to a Go tournament on Saturday, and came out with 5 wins and 1 loss, which I think is mostly due to my low rank, which makes me feel awfully embarrassed. To tell you why though I'll have to explain a bit about both Go and ranks.

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I just got the LG 2007 results.  I know that absolutely nobody on my friends list cares about this, or Go, but what do I care?  I just have to shout out to the world.

Can somebody stop the Chinese?  Please?

If somebody does it, it's not going to be the Japanese, who still suck it up in the traditional manner.  I know that they haven't been doing so well recently, but after an impressive start, having all their players eliminated in round two was just embarassing.  I know that Kono Rin had to play Lee Chang-ho, but I don't think it's random chance that all three players lost.  Note to Japan, you aren't the Cubs, losing doesn't make you loveable.  You may want to send less people if you end up like this.

Not that the perenniel champions are doing much better.  Normally the finals for tournaments have two Chinese and a whole bunch of Koreans, but the Koreans aren't doing that well.  The impressively talented youngest two 9-dans, Park Young-hoo and Choi Cheol-Han, got removed in the first round by Gu Li and Chen Yaoye (both of whom are still in the running).  Then the spectacular "Boy, the unbeatable" Lee Sedol ends up having a lousy second match (one commentary said that he just should have resigned in the morning instead of dragging it out until afternoon - which is not what you should have to hear).  There are still three Korean players left to face the four Chinese, but really the only one anyone is watching is Lee Chang-ho, who has already lost before to all four of the Chinese.

The only other player is Taiwanese.  As much as I would like a Taiwanese to emerge with the crown, I don't think there's a chance in hell (We'll see how he does against Xie He in October). 

Are we doomed to see a repeat of the last cup's Chinese sweep?  Pretty much.

Come on Asia.  Don't make me become a Chinese fan.  Their country is insufferable as it is...

Er...Go Taiwan?


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