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Every once in a while we are confronted by minor problems in life that expose things about us. Problems like, for instance, wanting to read something, but having nothing to read because all our books are in storage somewhere. There are many ways to answer this problem:

The rational response: Hmmm...maybe I better go find something else to do instead.

The irrational response: Obviously I need to go buy more books.

I can see already that getting a new job was like digging my own grave.

(Number of books bought today: 7)
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I imagine that the city fathers of Chicago hate me.

I imagine that their conversations go something like this:

City Father 1: You know who I hate? People like [danAlwyn]
City Father 2: Yeah, they're a bunch of bastards. All they do is sit around and try not to spend money.
CF1: And without that money, our diabolical plan to keep all city streets in a state of permanent construction is doomed to fail.
CF2: I have a clever plan! We'll rope off a city street or two, call it a festival or something, and then we'll fill it with an incredible number of folding tables loaded with used books at bargain prices!
CF1: And then after they spend their money, they'll spend the rest of the day hauling around huge, heavy bags of books and give themselves sore backs!
CF2: It's perfectly diabolical!

So you can tell how my Sunday went.

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Mar. 31st, 2011 02:52 pm
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While I was out last week I picked up a copy of John Christopher's When The Tripods Came at the local library bookstore for a dollar (Okay, technically it was 50 cents, but I didn't have fifty cents, I had a dollar, so that's what they got). I remember reading this book, the prequel to his highly successful Young Adult Tripods series, some time ago, but I really remembered very little about it.

The thing I noticed most on re-reading it was how much the entire book is essential an Author's Saving Throw to handle the earlier series. And now I'm wondering if the necessity of making that Author's Saving Throw is why I just haven't seen much in that sub-genre recently.

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Fun Facts

Mar. 1st, 2011 09:59 pm
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Fun Physics Fact: The number of books you have scattered in piles around your domicile because you have nowhere else to put them is a constant irregardless of the number of bookcases, shelves, and other storage devices you assemble and fill to capacity.

Old School

Jan. 18th, 2011 07:37 pm
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So, as may be surmised by previous posts, I have more books. One of them is a novel I've been thinking about buying for a while. It's got a setup I think of as almost cliche now, a group of men living in a corrupt empire are forced by different circumstances to become outlaws and flee their former lives. Endowed with magical powers and supernatural fighting skills they slowly make a name for themselves and eventually, through their skills, their trickery, and some plain old-fashioned good luck, make a name for themselves as heroes.

I'm having trouble describing it to other people. From the setting and summary alone I would normally refer to it as fantasy, but I'm not sure it really is. After all, if fantasy is old school if it pre-dates Tolkien, what do you call it when it pre-dates Shakespeare?
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I'm beginning to understand people who hate books and want to burn them. Although in my case I want to burn down the stores that sell them.

I mean, they look all pretty and harmless and stuff, but you go in them, and then you go home, and you're like "Hey, why is all my money gone? Also, where did all these books come from?" Obviously something bad happens when I'm in bookstores, and my life would probably be simpler (and wealthier) if they were all gone.

Seriously, I spent sixty dollars on books this week. What the hell am I doing?
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Just bought some books on Amazon.

Now they're recommending books by Glenn Beck to me.

Apparently I have to be more careful about what I buy.


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