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I imagine that the city fathers of Chicago hate me.

I imagine that their conversations go something like this:

City Father 1: You know who I hate? People like [danAlwyn]
City Father 2: Yeah, they're a bunch of bastards. All they do is sit around and try not to spend money.
CF1: And without that money, our diabolical plan to keep all city streets in a state of permanent construction is doomed to fail.
CF2: I have a clever plan! We'll rope off a city street or two, call it a festival or something, and then we'll fill it with an incredible number of folding tables loaded with used books at bargain prices!
CF1: And then after they spend their money, they'll spend the rest of the day hauling around huge, heavy bags of books and give themselves sore backs!
CF2: It's perfectly diabolical!

So you can tell how my Sunday went.

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Apr. 28th, 2009 09:48 am
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Also, I now have a car, despite the Dealership's last ditch attempt not to sell it to me.

Everyone on the internet lined up on the side of the Corolla. Unfortunately, everyone in real life lined up on the side of the Civic, and liking the Civic's handling slightly better, I went with it. So now I have a silver Civic.

I did not, however, qualify for financing (credit history not long enough for the financing department), which means that I had to buy it outright which, when combined with my IRA payment, has decreased my financial reserves significantly. I've got to do something about that credit history problem.

This is causing me significant distress since A) I normally never spend money if I can avoid it, and B) a significant chunk of my net wealth is now caught up in a very vulnerable piece of machinery. I really should avoid all this buying things stuff in the future. It just makes me nervous, which is the state in which I've been spending the last day or so. Plus, I keep wondering if I could have gotten a better deal. Obviously, I need to get hit on the head and contract amnesia for a bit. It will probably make me happier.


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