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The rain continues. There was a point where this itself was not particularly noticeable in the Bay Area, but after three years of drought, people notice. For one thing, they notice that they've forgotten how to drive in the rain.

Just as unsurprising, despite the fact that we've had probably half of our yearly average rainfall this early in the season, we still need a lot more to actually recover from three years of "hardly any". The best this is going to do is to stave off disaster for another year or two - which, hey, another year, but it's not like it got any easier to live in California. Worryingly, the snowpack is barely at half its usual depth.

People live here because it doesn't rain. Now it's gotten worse. We'll have to see what happens next.

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Date: 2014-12-20 12:37 am (UTC)
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Hopefully things are going just as well for you as possible! You would need several years of good rains to recovery from the drought, sadly, and there are no guarantees. We are having a gloriously mild winter here at the moment, and personally I do not complain *at all*. The weather is stupendous. The snowpack, however, is not, and there could be all sorts of ecological trouble next year if we do not get more precipitation between now and spring. There's also the issue that things here are meant to freeze deeply for a while, and unseasonably warm winters throw that off as well.


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